Workforce Development Project

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15, 2017) – The Excalibur Group is pleased to announce the successful implementation of phase one of our Workforce Development project. Workforce is an economic development method that enhances a region’s economic prosperity and stability, by focusing on people first. It provides sustainable long term employment opportunities, by connecting private sector companies with public sector initiatives. The ultimate goal is to provide companies with the employees they need, by identifying talents and resources from within the local community.

Workforce remains an important part of national economic policy because our economy is undergoing a massive technological shift. Workforce also provides important tools to breakdown cultural, racial, and gender barriers that prevent equal employment opportunities for everyone in our community. By focusing on underserved areas, we can make sure that all citizens are given the same opportunities and representation necessary for them to succeed.

By developing a Workforce solution, Excalibur hopes to serve as a role model to other companies seeking to create a symbiotic relationship between the local community and business worlds. Phase one, which creates the groundwork for phases two and three, focused on

  • Identifying local economic strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding the local community’s role in the broader regional economy
  • Creating links between the community’s economic development with workforce development’s vision and goals as well as policies
  • Researching regulatory environment
  • Exploring workforce/economic development with stakeholders and partners
  • Studying the needs of the local business community

Excalibur has employed a team of students and underemployed research assistants to accomplish these goals, creatively using the target workforce to investigate local workforce issues. The group broke into teams who each focused on researching and defining obstacles in preparation for collaborative brainstorming activities to identify workforce solutions. Next week Excalibur launches phase two, which will investigate company specific approaches and solutions, while phase three will result in the integration of proposals for sustainable Workforce solutions with our clients.

The Excalibur Group is proud to be actively involved in the successful integration of the public and private economic spheres, and our Workforce Development project is an integral aspect of our cause. We look forward to working with our current clients in order to meet these expectations, as well as offering the opportunity to others interested in bridging the public/private gap in collaborative employment solutions.

About the Excalibur Group
The Excalibur Group, a Washington DC based company, specializes in surge capabilities with effective placement of government contractors and consultants specializing in the IT, defense and legal industries. Excalibur provides qualified professionals and teams to government agencies, state and local governments and corporations to satisfy both long and short-term project needs in a cost-effective manner. The Excalibur Group is a minority-owned small business. Visit and follow us on Twitter @RoundTableWork


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