Workforce Development

Community-based Workforce Solutions, Pathway to the Middleclass with local job training and case coaching.

The Excalibur Group’s Workforce Development Team works with multiple DC based organizations to bridge the public/private sector gap with collaborative employment solutions. In 2018, Excalibur opened the Adell C. White Workforce Center to assist under or unemployed job seekers in finding sustainable employment.

Through a holistic job placement approach, which includes job readiness assistance education, Excalibur’s Workforce Development team assists individuals from beginning to end of their job placement journeys.

Organizations that current support Excalibur’s job placement and workforce development efforts are the Department of Human Services (DHS), as well as DC’s Workforce Investment Council (WIC) and DC’s Department of Employment Services (DOES).

Excalibur’s Workforce Development Efforts

The Knight's Table Training

The Knight’s Roundtable Training from The Excalibur Group includes leadership training, small business DEI and SEDI workforce solutions, and train-the-trainer programs.

Training, which includes conflict resolution, are in conformity with the negotiated rulemaking process and the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques required in government and private organizations.

Community-Focused Employment Programs

Excalibur’s Community Focused Employment Programs provide paid job training and placement for DC residents. Students all participate in Excalibur’s OWL4© soft skills training, designed to prepare them for excellent teamwork and customer relations on the job. Some earn key certifications to enhance their employability such as IT Assembly, and are placed in high-growth positions.

Project Hightlights

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Job Placement (TANF)

Excalibur works directly with TANF clients and holds a Human Care Agreement with DC’s Department of Human Services (DHS) to provide Job Placement Services. We service hundreds of customers from around the District to provide rapid employment. 

We assist with and focus on job preparation, job search, job placement, and retention. Our in-house services are delivered by staff members as educators, case managers, outreach specialists, a knowledge manager, and job developers all working with DHS and dozens of DC resource organizations.

One Stop Career Center Support

Excalibur supports the national Workforce Investment Act through our partnership with KRA. KRA hosts several Career Service access points within American Job Centers-One Stop Career Centers. Our support assists in facilitating HR functions such as stipends and onboarding services for KRA interns. 

The program hosts three primary categories of jobseekers-inclusive of individuals with co-existing special needs-unemployed/underemployed Adult Workers; Dislocated Workers, who lost their jobs through no fault of their own; and in-school and displaced out-of-school youth.

Job Readiness

National and local priority has been placed on Workforce initiatives, and Excalibur has answered that call through grant partnerships with both DC’s Workforce Investment Council and Department of Employment Services. Excalibur is offering no-fee training to DC residents. Our training partners include direct partnership with the Regional State Farm Operations to help place community members we serve in employment that demonstrates exemplary growth and sustainability. 

In this collaboration, we work with the Regional Operations team to target individual owner operated State Farm offices and supply them with trainees who will earn their Property and Casualty Insurance licenses. Our program is the only IT Assembler program in the District that provides this service free of cost to the trainee and employer. Not only are you able to benefit from the candidate’s recent skill certification but extensive soft skills, preparing them for your work environment.

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