The Excalibur Group is a minority-owned small business who provides meaningful and long-lasting employment opportunities to our local and global communities.

We provide defense, legal, IT, and workforce services to the public and private sector while staying dedicated to our Right Person — Right Seat commitment. With our headquarters located in Washington, DC, we stay attuned to our local and national economy and provide workforce development opportunities for the under and unemployed population of the DMV area. The Excalibur Group is ethics driven, providing an outstanding level of responsiveness.

Our Experts. Your Mission. Endless Potential.
Our Mission
The Excalibur Group provides meaningful employment to our local and global communities. We provide defense, IT, legal, and workforce services to the public and private sectors with a Right Person–Right Seat commitment; adding value to our employee’s careers and our customers’ goals. As a minority-owned small business, we are family-centric and attuned to our local economy and the well-being of our whole team. The Excalibur Group is ethics driven, staying competitive in our industry with fair pricing and an outstanding level of responsiveness.
Customer Service Pledge
To provide excellent customer service demonstrated through the quality of output and responsiveness. To develop meaningful relationships that incorporate feedback and improvement, momentum for both client and Excalibur’s missions, and sustainability for projects.
Commitment to Quality
At The Excalibur Group, Quality is a reflection of my enthusiasm, skills, and desire to demonstrate my personal best as part of our winning team, tackling priorities with efficient process and solution-oriented approaches, being responsive, accountable, and committed to our stakeholders.

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Our Services and Solutions

The Excalibur Group is a service provider on numerous IDIQ schedules providing expert talent to administrative, legal, and IT programs with rapid response and full HR capabilities.

The Excalibur Group has direct experience leading sophisticated Department of Defense support. We have supported a broad array of defense customers with a keen focus on the U.S. Army. We are passionate about supporting our country’s goal of ensuring the readiness of all Army forces.

The Excalibur Group specializes in IT Architecture, Health and Defense IT, Data Analytics, Knowledge and Process Management, Claims and Administrative Solutions.

We provide community-based workforce solutions and help to create pathways to the middleclass with local job training and case coaching. 

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Excalibur’s history includes support in the Environmental sector from EPA’s Brownfields support to Army Corps of Engineers contract support.
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