Excalibur and The Nature Generation Donate Books for Earth Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 21st, 2023) – The Excalibur Group announced that through a partnership with The Nature Generation (NatGen), they have gifted a classroom at the Mount Vernon Community School, in Alexandria, VA, books that encourages environmental action and stewardship and align with the school’s unit on inclusion.

Conservation and environmental stewardship are aligned with Excalibur’s ethos of excellence and community. Books donated aimed to foster an inclusive culture with underrepresented characters and/or storylines in the environmental literature genre. The donation, given to Mrs. Emily Porterfield’s classroom included 55 books to support her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programming as well as a gift of award-winning titles to the school library. NatGen is the creator of the nation’s first environmental stewardship book award for children and young adult books. The Green Earth Book Award promotes publications that inspire youth to grow a deeper understanding, respect, and responsibility for the natural environment. Excalibur has partnered and supported NatGen’s work for over a decade.

Excalibur’s President, Marcus White, and Adult Educator, Raji Rankins visited the Mount Vernon Community School to present the books to the classroom. Mr. White spoke about the importance of the books and challenged each student to read as many as they could. He added that this donation “was a celebration of Mrs. Porterfield’s passion for literacy, and environmental stewardship, and represented her commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, something which NatGen, Excalibur and the school all have in common.”

After the donation ceremony, Mrs. Porterfield added “I am incredibly grateful for the generous donation of books from The Excalibur Group and The Nature Generation, and I am excited to incorporate them into my classroom in a variety of ways from literature circles to research. My goal is to ignite a love of reading in my students while also fostering environmental stewardship and promoting science education. These books will enhance our classroom experience and inspire students to become lifelong readers and advocates for our planet.”

About the Excalibur Group

The Excalibur Group, a Washington DC based company, specializes in surge capabilities with effective placement of government contractors and consultants specializing in workforce, IT, defense and legal industries. Excalibur provides qualified professionals and teams to government agencies, state and local governments and corporations to satisfy both long and short-term project needs in a cost-effective manner. The Excalibur Group is a minority-owned small business. www.theexcaliburgroup.com

About The Mount Vernon Community School
The Mount Vernon Community School, located in Alexandria, Virginia, is a positive learning environment where dedicated staff, students, and families work together to provide meaningful educational opportunities. https://mvcs.acps.k12.va.us/

About The Nature Generation
The Nature Generation is an environmental non-profit that inspires and empowers youth to make a difference through innovative environmental stewardship programs in literature, science, and the arts. The organization relies on the generous donation of individual donors and companies to implement its programs and create outdoor classrooms that benefit our environment and provide stewardship and educational opportunities for all ages. http://www.natgen.org/


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