Excalibur Awarded Agreement with DC DHS to Support TANF Program

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 29, 2018) – The Excalibur Group is pleased to announce the award of a Human Care Agreement with DC’s Department of Human Services (DHS) to provide Job Placement (JP) Services to support the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

The TANF program provides assistance to families with dependent children when available resources do not fully address the family’s needs, all while preparing program participants for independence through work.

Through a holistic job placement approach, which includes job readiness assistance education, Excalibur is bridging the public/private sector gap in collaborative employment solutions. Program customers work closely with specialized career trainers, educators, and DC employers on communication and organization skills, networking, leadership opportunities, career mapping, conflict mediation and resolution, and industry trends as they work towards obtaining employment.

This innovative program directed by Excalibur taps into all aspects of the customer’s life, engaging the whole family to help attain employment success. Excalibur’s JP team also matches program customers with meaningful job opportunities in the District’s Metropolitan Area, with a focus on DC employers. Once customers obtain employment, Excalibur is able to encourage sustainable success through ongoing job support and training.

Assisting DHS’ efforts to support community residents and their families with sustainable and meaningful work is exactly the type of program Excalibur’s team likes to get behind. “We are proud of our service to employees and employers in the city, which we’ve been providing for more than a decade. Specifically, our new contract with DHS, gives us an opportunity to become part of the employment solution for underserved individuals in our local community.” said Marcus White, Excalibur’s President. “Excalibur’s background with both government, private, and non-profit clients leave us uniquely positioned to help strengthen our DC economy and its workforce through this exciting program.”

Excalibur’s JP TANF program positively impacts the lives of at-risk adults and their families in DC through its pioneering, multi-generational approach to workforce training, education and meaningful employment placement. As of October 2017, more than 11,450 families and 21,000 children in the DC area have received TANF benefits according to District Access System (DCAS) reports.

Excalibur is encouraging its current clients and all other DMV employers to identify positions that can be directed toward the work ready participants in their JP Program. To participate, parties interested can visit www.theexcaliburgroup.com/tanf.

About the Excalibur Group
The Excalibur Group, a Washington DC based company, specializes in surge capabilities with effective placement of government contractors and consultants specializing in workforce, IT, defense and legal industries. Excalibur provides qualified professionals and teams to government agencies, state and local governments and corporations to satisfy both long and short-term project needs in a cost-effective manner. The Excalibur Group is a minority-owned small business. Visit www.theexcaliburgroup.com and follow us on Twitter @RoundTableWork



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