The Excalibur Group provides both permanent and contingent labor needed to supplement clients existing employee bases on internal Information Technology (IT) and Research and Development (R&D) projects, as well as federal client programs.

We are able to provide cleared talent to sensitive data programs. Most IT employees for The Excalibur Group are client-facing and required to work at client’s site or travel as part of their assignment, making Excalibur very familiar with the federal workspace.

We support over 215 IT labor categories including: Programmers, Data Scientists, Database Administrators, Enterprise Architects, Help Desk personnel, IT Analysts, IT Security Engineers, Network Engineers, Systems Administrators, Testing and Training talent, and Website Developers.

Sample projects have included Information, Network and Web Services support related to the SQuA product under the IRS Enterprise Computing Center Support contract providing configuration; Installation and Administration for IRS Software that interacts and connects with SQuA (SCRSMG, SCRSUP, et al); Installation and Administration of UCOB/ACOB and other supporting OS Exec Products; Assisting programmers with problems encountered when using SQuA for program development; and Resolving problems with transmittals through SQuA. These efforts include system design, information assurance, system integration, management and monitoring services.

Excalibur supports a broad scope of IT efforts to include front-end support such as managing the interface for the Army Training Management Proponency (ATMP), including updating relevant learning content, tutorials, programs of instruction, user’s guides, and help menus online with graphic and social media outreach.

Excalibur is adept at administering all Human Resources and Employee Labor Relations for the fast paced IT industry. Our recruiters have decades of IT experience allowing them to identify effectively Right Person—Right Seat.