2019 Hire Vets Award Dedication

Over the past decade, Excalibur has been fortunate to benefit from the very thing that makes the US Department of Labor’s HIRE Vets Award so special. The HIRE Vets Award recognizes businesses that appreciate the value and skills Service Members bring from their time in the military, and prioritize supporting veterans in finding and retaining meaningful job opportunities throughout their civilian careers.  

These talented men and women are highly trained professionals, who possess strong personal character and leadership qualities that make them ideal job candidates and valuable team members.  

Reba Lyons, Excalibur Senior Military Analyst and 2019 Gold HIRE Veterans Award Dedication Recipient

Reba Lyons, our 2019 Gold HIRE Vets Award dedication recipient, exhibits these same characteristics every day in her role as Excalibur’s Senior Military Analyst, and during her 20 years in the U.S. Army where she served as Communications and Acquisition Officer. Her service in the U.S. Army includes a proven history of success in Army acquisition and program management, communications, training and leader development, and logistics.  

During her Army career, Reba held positions of increasing responsibility.  during her time serving as Company Commander for over 300 assigned military personnel, she was personally responsible for leading and supporting Soldiers to enhance their personal growth and career development goals. Through dedication and teamwork, her company received Honor Company Awards and special recognition for Excellence in all areas of Command Inspections.    

Her Army service included serving as Science and Technology Officer with TRADOC at Fort Monroe, VA, where she managed various program requirements and provided warfighter focus to the Army’s science and technology investment. Reba also served as Operations Manager with the Test & Evaluation Command (TEXCOM) at Fort Huachuca, AZ where she was responsible for Operations and management oversight of five operational test teams as the Operations and Technology Test Manager for the Intelligence Electronic Warfare Test Directorate.    

Her dedication and hard work in leading our team of Military Analysts ­has made this award possible– the work Reba and our team of Veterans perform strengthens our clients’ understanding of the mission-critical aspect of today’s national defense. Veterans bring creativity, innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence to the work they put their heart into. Reba reaffirms our belief that a commitment to sourcing and providing meaningful work for Veterans is deeply important; as not only a leader in our industry, but for the wellbeing of the men and women who have served and their families.    

Thank you for inspiring us Reba!    

Please share your Congratulations with Reba here. This year’s award is dedicated to Reba, and will hang in our headquarter office with a dedication plaque in her honor.    

With Gratitude, The Excalibur Team​