The Excalibur Group has direct experience leading sophisticated Department of Defense support. We have over ten years’ experience in providing support to a broad array of defense customers with a keen focus on the U.S. Army. We are passionate about supporting our country’s goal of ensuring the readiness of all Army forces. We are a minority-owned small business able to support sensitive issues related to National Security.

The Excalibur Group, performing as both a prime and subcontractor, is looking to bring expertise to our clients. We deeply value the service men and women’s experience. We are adept at supporting the transition into contracting those soldiers for life undergo; and are versed in client and program management to support both customer and employee.

We have dedicated professionals and Subject Matter Experts providing:

  • Strategy & Analysis
  • Accelerated Capabilities
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Mission Support
  • Training
  • Leadership Education
  • Knowledge Management and IT

The Excalibur Group is known for personal service whether you’re a candidate or customer. Our nationwide presence is highlighted by meaningful Veteran employment opportunities, efficient contract management, and cost-effective solutions.


Excalibur Recognized With 2018 Gold HIRE Vets Medallion Award

With over 25% of our team comprised of military Veterans, The Excalibur Group believes that hiring and engaging service members in meaningful work after active duty is both a privilege and a responsibility as a business. Our vets make excellent leaders, are dedicated team members, and are committed to excellence right from the start. It’s our commitment to our military veterans that makes us proud to announce that The Excalibur Group was one of only 239 businesses in the country awarded a HIRE Vets Medallion Award from the US Department of Labor!

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Meet A Few Of Excalibur’s Veterans

Jessica, U.S. Army
Military Police | Currently serves as a Reservist Drill Sergeant

What does being a veteran mean to you? It’s really rewarding to know that I’m serving the people of my country, and that in my specific role as a Drill Sergeant I have the opportunity lead and mold young soldiers to create the next generation of soldiers in the U.S. Army.

What was your proudest moment from your years of service? I have two moments during my service that are really important to me. My first was when I was deployed to Iraq. While there I conducted training with female Iraqi police officers on search techniques and how to identify suicide bombers. I got to experience their culture first-hand, and meet extremely strong women, as being an Iraqi policewoman is frowned upon by terrorists.

My second proudest moment is while working as a Drill Sergeant I helped a soldier who was struggling to qualify with her rifle. She was only shooting 20 targets when she needed to shoot 23 to pass. After assisting her with training, she shot 28. She got up and was really excited and said thank you drill sergeant! It was a really proud moment for me.

When I left my training unit, my soldiers did not want me to go as they took pride in what I was teaching them and me being their DS.

What do you feel is something that people or employers should know about hiring veterans? That while veterans don’t have civilian experience, we do bring a lot to the table. From the start of our career, we’re groomed to be leaders. We’re always taught to know our job and the job of our superiors. We’re also trained to be disciplined, punctual, and held to very high standards. We’re detail-oriented and listen to instructions. We take pride in our work, which means we will always produce an excellent product. 

What do you think The Excalibur Group gains as far as work ethic and values from having such a large number of veteran employees? The Excalibur Group gains a lot form having a large number of veteran employees. We’re leaders, so we bring a lot of leadership experience, skills and knowledge to the company. We’re also resilient, and have the ability to remain calm and provide solutions in stressful situations. Additionally, with our commitment to excellence we serve as great role models!


John, U.S. Army
Infantry Airborne Ranger

What does being a veteran mean to you? I believe strongly that it is both an honor and a privilege to be a citizen of the United States.  As such, I feel a great sense of personal satisfaction in having been able to give back to the nation by serving in its defense as a member of the U.S. Army. 

What was your proudest moment from your years of service? Graduating from Ranger school in 1983… and thankful that I went through this course when I was still a young man.

What do you feel is something that people or employers should know about hiring veterans? I hope employers recognized that veterans bring a strong work ethic and mission focus to the workplace.   From the outside the military may appear very structured.  From this inside, that structure provides a framework that encourages and rewards innovative thinking, risk taking, and initiative. These skill should be valuable to any employer.  

What do you think The Excalibur Group gains as far as work ethic and values from having such a large number of veteran employees? I believe that veterans shape our corporate culture in a positive way.  Integrity, respect for others, and a strong sense of duty are a few of the core values that characterize the typical veteran.  These characteristics embody The Excalibur Group’s corporate principals of family and team as the highest priority, hard work, duty as a company and honor as a citizen, and importantly an enduring focus on delighting our customers… always!


Reba, U.S. Army
U.S. Army Signal Corps (Communications and Electronics Officer) | Army Acquisition Corps (Research & Development)


What does being a veteran mean to you? For me, being a veteran means 20 years and 23 days of active military service to my country and a way of life for me and my family. 

What was your proudest moment from your years of service? My proudest moment of military service was serving as Company Commander with responsibility for leadership, training, administration and the health and welfare for over 300 assigned military personnel.  As a commander and leader, I was primarily evaluated on how well my company performed its’ mission.  Through dedication and team work, my company received Honor Company Awards and special recognition for Excellence in all areas of Command Inspections.  However, my greatest joy was leading and supporting Soldiers to enhance their personal growth and career development goals.  

What do you feel is something that people or employers should know about hiring veterans? Veterans possess strong character and leadership qualities that make them ideal job candidates and valuable assets to most organizations.  The military culture instills a unique set of skills and moral values that help shape personal character and work ethic; these characteristics remain ingrained in military members as they transition to veterans in the civilian workforce.

What do you think The Excalibur Group gains as far as work ethic and values from having such a large number of veteran employees? Veterans have a great work ethic and strong moral values.  By employing such a large number of veterans, Excalibur gains a valuable group of hardworking, highly trained leaders and professionals, who can be trusted to successfully meet or exceed the organization’s goals and challenges.